Ministers responsible for competitiveness encourage the support of a new generation of scientists

20. 07. 2016

Slovenské predsedníctvo v Rade EÚ_logoMeasures for support of young researchers, improvement of their mobility, participation of women, and further investment in research, which would lead to increased attractiveness of scientific careers and improvement of the innovative environment – these were the main topics of the informal meeting of the European Union’s Ministers responsible for Competitiveness (COMPET, research section). The meeting was held on 19 July 2016 in Bratislava’s Reduta.


Ministers from the 28 EU Member States and EFTA countries, headed by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic Peter Plavčan and the EU Commissioner for Science, Research and Innovation Carlos Moedas, discussed the measures for support of young researchers, the increase of the attractiveness of scientific careers and strengthening investment in human potential in research and development.

Carlos Moedas a Peter Plavčan

“We are convinced that young and talented people are the driving force of development, innovation and economic growth in Europe,” stressed Minister Plavčan. He added that Slovakia is a young and dynamic country with young people, who inspire Europe, and the ambition of this meeting is to explore together what are the conditions for young researchers at European and national level and to prepare draft of measures, which will make the system for support of young scientists in the EU more attractive.

“As politicians, we often discuss abstractly, but it was different today. Young researchers have been engaged in the technical discussions. It was one of the most interesting discussions I have ever participated in,” said Commissioner Carlos Moedas.

Ministers also focused on how to attract the best researchers from third countries. This objective is aligned with priorities of the European Commission in creating new jobs, increasing economic growth and competitiveness.

Excellent young researchers, who were involved in the discussion, are involved in the preparation of Bratislava Declaration [for the support] of Young Researchers. This document has been officially presented by the Minister of Education Peter Plavčan and the Commissioner Carlos Moedas.

The Declaration is the result of work of excellent young researchers from Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland and Sweden, in cooperation with the European Commission and the SK PRES team in the field of science and research. It aims to draw attention to the major problems faced by young researchers and to present major ambitions for the improvement of their career environment. The Declaration should also be a part of the European Council Conclusions, as the support for young researchers and the improvement of attractiveness of scientific careers are the main priorities of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic during the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU.

 Účastníci neformálneho zasadnutia ministrov pre konkurencieschopnosť, časť výskum

In the second part of the informal meeting, Ministers discussed the need of developing the European research, development and innovation environment. They focused particularly on the possibilities of improving the framework conditions for researchers in the EU, especially in terms of start-ups – fast-growing and innovative small and medium enterprises.

The aim of exchanging their views was to find answers for questions, which could help improve cooperation between the public research sector and the private sector, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the European innovation ecosystem and what could be the possible role of the forthcoming European Innovation Council in this area.



Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers:

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