31. 01. 2014

(29 January 2014; Radio Station Slovakia; Afternoon in Slovakia; 17.13; 7 min.; SLÁDKOVÁ Eva)

Hana RAPANTOVÁ, moderator: “You might remember when we were recently hearing from now and then about different scientists and pedagogists and different accusations of plagiarism related to them. Plagiarism has been quite a big problem in Slovakia a few years ago, but it seems that this is gradually changing. Slovaks are the most sensitive among all EU countries in terms of plagiarism issue. This was shown by a British University research. Is it really possible to intercept work that has been stolen? Eva SLÁDKOVÁ addresses this topic.“

Eva SLÁDKOVÁ, editor: “The fact that we are more successful in detecting plagiarism than before is also thanks to the system ANTIPLAG, which has been introduced four years ago. It has been operated by the Centre of Scientific and Technical Information. I went there and talked to Július KRAVJAR.”

Július KRAVJAR: “Almost all Slovak students (i.e. 99%) know the content and meaning of the term plagiarism even before or during their undergraduate studies. The European Union’s average shows that 20% of students know the content and meaning of this term not until their graduate or even postgraduate studies. Alternatively, even in these periods, they are still not aware of the meaning of this term.”

Eva SLÁDKOVÁ: “The Head of the Department of Civil Law at the University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Kosice, Professor Peter VOJČÍK has been devoted to the issue of intellectual property for many years.”

Peter VOJČÍK: “Recently, a lot has been done in terms of plagiarism - the enlightenment focused on detection of plagiarism in particular. Therefore, it has gotten into awareness of students. However, I have to say that about not only students, but also teachers and other people, so everybody is careful now.”

E. SLÁDKOVÁ: “Július KRAVJAR confirms that plagiarism has been a major problem in Slovakia. That was the reason why system ANTIPLAG has been created.”

Published from the monitoring STORIN, Ltd. (broadcast transcript)