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23. 01. 2014

Slovensko a Chorvátsko – historické paralely a vzťahy (do roku 1780)Bratislava, 21 January 2014: Slovakia and Croatia – historical parallels and relationships (until 1780) is the title of the publication, which was today presented in the Rector’s Hall of the Comenius University in Bratislava. The event was organized under the auspices of Jakša Muljačić, who is the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Slovakia.

Experts of the Comenius University in Bratislava prof. Mgr. Martin Homza, PhD., prof. PhDr. Ján Lukačka, PhD. (from the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University) and prof. Neven Budak, PhD., from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zagreb have co-authored this publication. The publication contains contributions from the international science conference, which was held in Bratislava in 2011.

Slovakia and Croatia – historical parallels and relationships (until 1780) is a unique publication mainly because the Slovaks and Croats had lived together in the Hungarian Kingdom for more than 800 years, which is ten times longer than with the Czechs. During this period, the common cultural and historical heritage had been forming, which has not been researched for some reasons yet. The result is 448 pages of interesting information about the multitude of common traditions attached to the ruling dynasties, church, education, nobility, etc.

This international scientific conference was also attended by experts from Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia, in addition to experts from Slovakia and Croatia. “It was a purely international project, which was, rather paradoxically, under an umbrella of the Department of Slovak History of the Comenius University’s Faculty of Arts. ‘Paradoxically’, because one would say that Slovak history can be made only with the Slovaks and Slovakia, but the opposite is true. That is to say that Slovak history, at least until 1918, coincides with the history of the Kingdom of Hungary, whose official language had been Latin until at least 1848. Therefore, it is no wonder that so many other nations and many valued people have participated in our project,” said one of the authors of the publication prof. Mgr. Martin Homza, PhD.

Rector of the Comenius University prof. RNDr. Karol Mičieta, PhD. was also present at the ceremony: “I perceive the publication of these authors not only as a valuable and interesting document of mutual historical relationship of our nations, but also as a unique presentation of the Slovak-Croatia closeness phenomenon.”

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