SMART CITY 360 in Bratislava and in Toronto

02. 10. 2015

SMART CITY 360 SUMMIT„The explosion of innovation ant its transfer into practice” is the main motto of the summit called SMART CITY 360 (SMART CITY 360 Summit) organized by the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). The event will take place on 13th to 16th October 2015 and it will run in parallel in Bratislava and in Toronto, Canada. An ambition of this event is the connection of at first sight different worlds of researchers, governmental organizations, start-ups and private sector into one cooperating system.

The program of summit is conceptually divided into three areas – technological, social and innovative. Together they form a platform for an international presentation of scientific cooperation, they link research and practice, but mainly they bring forward into the interest of general public the themes such as „Smart city“ or „Mobility“.

During the summit and in both cities, 13 panel conferences will be simultaneously broadcasted via teleconference focusing on various and actual themes, such as E-mobility, urbanization, Big Data, energy saving and others.

The invitation accepted over 100 speakers from more than 20 countries, representing private and public sector. The experiences will share for example IBM, Ericsson, Quatar Foundation, SAVI, GENI, Create-Net but also the representatives of cities and local self-governments from Bratislava, Vienna, Barcelona, Toronto, Montreal.

Into agenda of summit are involved government and regional organizations such as the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR, I-Canada Alliance, Toronto University and others. Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič has taken over the patronage over the event. Expected are more than 500 participants from all around the world.

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

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Translated by: LŠ