The science will be discovered in Žilina

01. 10. 2015

logo NCP VaTStudents and the general public will discover the scientific facts, about which they may not know. Panel exhibition entitled "Curiosities in Science" will be exposed in the building of the University of Žilina for the first time from 1st October 2015.

The exhibition presents known and unknown scientific facts. Slovak and foreign scientists were involved in the preparation on the exhibition. Students and organizers of educational events from organization P-mat also significantly contributed to this.

The exhibition is intended for children but also for adults, thus for all who have an interest to learn something new from the world of science in an attractive and understandable way. Its aim is to connect the science with a normal life; therefore some technical facts are explained using everyday objects. Attractions are thematically complemented with illustration images and their variety capture the visitor at the first sight.

To the facts presented at the exhibition, the visitors can also read more on the website, section Curiosities in Science. Explanations of some fact are also available via QR codes, which are parts of posters.

The exhibition "Curiosities in Science" was prepared by the Centre of Scientific and Technical Information SR in cooperation with the National Centre for the Popularisation of Science and Technology in Society.

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Translated by: LŠ

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