Celebrities Awarded the Crystal Wing at 18th Annual of the Event

05. 02. 2015

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On February 1st, 2015, 12 celebrities of Slovak science, medicine, economy, art and sport took over an award called Crystal Wing 2014 during a gala event on the stage at the Slovak National Theatre on Sunday. In total, 32 personalities were nominated.

Awarded in scientific disciplines

ARCHITECTURE - Stefan Polakovič

for the original reconstruction of the block of flats in Rimavská Sobota and Loft in Bratislava designed as an open space.


an author of a substantial monograph Surgical treatment for Crohn's disease. As the chief editor and co-author, he prepared an encyclopaedic work Principles of Surgery III, which summarizes surgical knowledge and experience using the latest research and push the boundaries of our medical knowledge at world level.

Journalism and Literature - Henrieta Moravčíková

for the extensive monograph of the prominent leader of the inter-war architecture in Slovakia - Friedrich Weinwurm. It interprets the work of an architect and it illuminate previously unknown facts related to his work.

The Company Krištáľové krídlo s. r. o. is the art and advertising agency, that is an author and organizer of the projects as Crystal Wing - awarding the most important personalities of Slovakia, Crystal rally - charity event, Crystal Ball and many others.

The main idea of this prestigious award is the presentation of creative work of the most successful personalities of our country. It unites people who pay tribute to the grandness of symbol of the human spirit, talent and beauty. It is a tribute and reward for exceptional human performances.

Osobnosti ocenené Krištáľovým krídlom na 18. ročníku podujatia

Overview of all awarded


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