Science in CENTRE: How the Forests in Slovakia change in the Perspective of Botanists

16. 03. 2015

Veda v CENTRE 26-03-2015 We invite you to scientific cafés called Science in the CENTRE , that the National Centre for Popularisation of Science and Technology in Society at CSTI SR organize for the general public in the Centre of Scientific and Technical Information SR (CSTI SR) in Bratislava regularly once a month.

RNDr. Milan Valachovič, CSc.

RNDr. Milan Valachovič, CSc.   RNDr. Ivan Jarolímek, CSc.

RNDr. Ivan Jarolímek, CSc.

On 26. 3. 2015 (Thursday) at 17:00o´clock will come into the scientific café two Slovak scientists, botanists and experts on vegetation, RNDr. Milan Valachovič, CSc., and RNDr. Ivan Jarolímek, CSc. from Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. In their long taking scientific research, they concern with an overview of plant communities in Slovakia, and they focus on comprehensive treatment of forest and scrubland communities.

How the Forests in Slovakia change in the Perspective of Botanists - is the title of March Science in the CENTRE, which theme is forest as the highest and most perfect ecosystem, which has paramount importance for life on Earth. Forest as a living organism is born, grows, matures, gets older and dies. Its history is older than the history of mankind. It reaches deep into the times, when the person has not been on our planet. Since then until now, by the various factors on the concerned territories is constantly changing. Botanists, or rather Geobotanics are able to look at the forest through the prism of the postglacial evolution to the present. They are able to outline map of potential vegetation and also to determine where the image of the current forest comes closer to the ideal of natural forest and in respect of which the most significant changes were mainly due to inappropriate management and civilization pressure, which causes the most damage in forests.

Together with our guests we will present forests in Slovakia in the full range of variability, explain rules of their occurrence in the environment and highlight the invasion and non-native plants. We will talk about changes in forest vegetation due to changing climatic factors and also how and for how long the forest can recover after various disasters. What is the state of health of our forests? It is true that continues to deteriorate and the total area in Slovakia is damaged more than half?

If you want to learn more about this, you can join in the discussion in an informal and friendly atmosphere ant with a coffee. Scientific Café called Science in the CENTRE takes place in the building of CSTI SR, Lamačská cesta 8 / A, Patrónka. Admission to the event is free to the public.

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