Young scientists go to the Competition of Scientific Talents to Pittsburgh

21. 04. 2015

On 08.04.2015 Bratislava hosted the press conference for the upcoming participation of four winners of Slovak round of the Festival of Science and Technology AMAVET at the World Olympiad of scientific projects INTEL ISEF.

Štvorica finalistov Slovenska sa pripravuje na Intel ISEF, svetovú „olympiádu“ vedeckých talentov

The national diagnosis of chronic kidney disease, the response of cells to the change in the amount of mitochondrial DNA in Yarrowia lipolytica, the creation of secondary metabolites in the species Matricaria recutita L. in experimental plantation and the computer vision - mapping and orientation in 3D space - these are projects, which our young scientists are going to present in the competition for the most prestigious science awards for young scientists in the world.

To work on the presentations of their projects, to tune the English and to pack their projects - these are currently the targets four young scientists from Slovakia, who will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in early May and who will defend "the colours of Slovakia" before the jury of many Nobel Prize winners and respected scientific capacities. On the Friday, 15th May 2015, will be announced the winners of the seventeen scientific categories, including the absolute winner. Fingers crossed for our representatives!

Just to remind, during last year's Intel ISEF 2014, Slovakia was represented by seven talented students, and the best score for Slovaks was the first place in the main prizes for Michaela Brchnelová, which she had obtained in an Astronomy category. Except winning the 3,000 dollars for first prize, she has won 1,500 dollars for the special first prize at the Coalition for Plasma Science (CPS) and a trip to the Swiss CERN worth 5,000 dollars. Michaela has won with her project called "About Accelerating the Particles in the Tycho remnant after Supernova," and she was nominated for last year's Intel ISEF within the competition the Festival of Science and Technology AMAVET. Michaela is18 years old and she studies at the Secondary Grammar school of Juro Hronec at Novohradská street in Bratislava.



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