Promotion and Communication in the Science at the Workshop Pop VAT I.

13. 04. 2015

The idea of the conference is to inform all popularizers of science and technology - researchers, teachers, lecturers and PR managers of individual institutions - about the most effective way of promotion of science to young people, students and the general public and to provide them space in the discussion for the presentation of their activities and ideas.

Do you want to know how to effectively promote science and technology to the public? We have tips and ideas for you. We invite you to another workshop from the series of workshops aimed at promotion of science organized by the National Centre for the Popularisation of Science and Technology in Society a department of SCSTI SR in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Workshop PoPVaT I. with the secondary title Promotion and communication in science will be held on 22.04.2015 – 23.04.2015 in the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR, Lamačská cesta 8/A in Bratislava.

Popularizácia a komunikácia vo vede na workshope Pop VaT I.

The aim of the workshop is to gain new useful information on how to communicate science and its results in the field of promotion of science. The lecturers will recommend you, based on their personal experience, the most useful, most efficient and most used communication ways that are used in the promotion of science, with particular emphasis on media, web and social networks. In various examples, they will show you the most common mistakes as well as the most effective methods and forms of presentation of your activities and research by these communication ways.

This events is intended mostly for experts and teachers who are the most capable people at promotion of science, as the first group of them are creators of science and the second group teaches if. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences and meet people who are interested in promotion of science. The two-day workshop is designed primarily for experts, PR managers of schools and educational institutions, teachers of primary schools, teachers of secondary schools and universities, as well as for PhD. students.

If You are interested in the event, You can register until 17. 4. 2015. For the application form and more information, visit section Events, or at

You can look forward to the following topics in the Programme:

Wednesday 22.04.2015:

Experience with the promotion of science from the perspective of scientists (Igor Lacík)
How to get more visitors from Google? (Daniel Duriš) 
Social networks are not science (Patrik Barták)  

How to promote science in electronic media (Zuzana Vitková)
Science within reach (Zuzana Čeplíková)

Thursday 23.04.2015

Brief introduction of the activities of the NCP S&T
From The New York Times to SME - My Story (Martin Hajduch
How to promote science (Martin Maruniak)
How can the probability be interesting for students also in their the free time? (Alena Bachratá)
The Secret World of Science and Technology (Ľubica Stuchlíková)

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