Is mobile phone really our “helper” or a threat for us?

20. 05. 2015

Is mobile phone really our “helper” or a threat for us? On 19.05.2015, an event called Bratislava Scientific confectioners took place in the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR with a lecturer doc. RNDr. Martin Kopáni, PhD., who had a presentation on this theme.doc. RNDr. Martin Kopáni, PhD.

Our youth has been attracted by the lecture, because also many of us communicate via mobile phone several times every day, we buy a railway ticket via mobile phone, we log in to websites of social networks, we watch and use the applications, but we asked ourselves whether daily use of mobile phones is really harmless.

Let´s talk more about this necessary “friend of people” and his influence on our organism.

People use in their life different kinds of radiations. We going to X-rays at the doctor's, different types of radiation are used in the diagnosis (for example, magnetic resonance imaging - MRI, computed tomography - CT and others), when we have a cold, we use heating form sunlamp, in the solarium our skin turns brown due to ultraviolet radiation and the TV signal is spreaded by radio waves.

An author of the lecture informed us gradually and thoroughly with electromagnetic radiation, with its use in medicine, especially in the diagnosis. We learned, for example, that in the whole electromagnetic spectrum, gamma rays have the most energy, so it damages cells and DNA, and X-rays for diagnosis may not be used very frequently, maximum to 2 times a year. However, this fact is important for our doctors.

An author of the lecture informed us about microwave radiation with a low energy and we don´t know much about it.

However, we have learned that a microwave sources are: space, the Sun, electronic devices, microwave, radars, telecommunications satellites and mobile phones. Gradually we got to the main topic that was the most interesting for us.

Interesting information for us was that, for example, microwave heats not so much the food, but especially water that the food contains. Because the human body contains 75% of water, it is expected that the microwave radiation certainly warms us. The same radiation also spreads by mobile phone. However, we have learned that the heat effect of mobile phone is indeed significant, but it does not harm the skin of our ear. However, an organism of children is more sensitive, because it contains more water.

zahrievanie organizmu pri použití mobilného telefónu (slide z prednášky)

Each of these radiations affects the human body. But what impacts on human body have radio waves of mobile phone? Do they affect us? Can they cause tumours?

The more we approached to the end of the lecture, author calmed us down with statement, that the health problems associated with use of mobile phones are negligible and 20 years of use of mobile phones is too short to answer this question. However, an unanswered question remains, what will be after 40 years, because the performance of mobile phones continues to increase.

neusporiadaný pohyb molekúl vody (slide z prednášky)

The lecture sounded optimistic. The verdict was: So far it was not confirmed that mobile phones cause health complications.

At the end of lecture, many presented students had questions and the lecturer took out a special device - detector, and he used it for visual demonstration where he captured higher intensity use of mobile phones in the hall by detecting microwave radiation.

At the very end of the event, the three most active students were rewarded with a sweet delicacy - a little tart. It was a reward for their interest and activity. Next month, you can try it too. We will meet again with another topic. We look forward to see you again.

Source of photos in article: Author's presentation (doc. RNDr. Martin Kopáni, PhD.)

 Photo source: Ing. Alena Oravcová, SCSTI SR

 Prepared by: Mgr. Mária Izakovičová

Translated by: LŠ

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