Museum of Science Popularization in Central Moravia

14. 05. 2015

Lawrence Krauss  a Richard Dawkins, Fort of knowledge is the first interactive museum of science popularization in Central Moravia. It is located in the area Crown sconces in Olomouc and it belongs to the category of so-called science centre, providing an informal environment for playful discovering mainly natural effects.

Architecturally and historically outstanding building of the former military warehouse, thanks to the operational program Research and Development for Innovations, was successfully transformed in progressive Science Museum.budova Pevnost poznání

This popularization centre of Palacký University in Olomouc has officially opened its doors during the event called AFO50, which took place last month from 17th April to 19th April 2015. The opening ceremony was also attended by the main guests of the festival AFO -  world's top scientists, physicist Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins who is a prominent British zoologist, ethologist, evolutionary biologist and propagator of atheism.

deti v Pevnosti poznáníFort of knowledge offers not only an interactive exposition affecting the natural sciences and humanities, but also digital planetarium through which people can explore the shores of the ocean space. In offer of the unique visiting centre also figurate educational programs for schools and the general public. For its unique atmosphere that combines a rich history with dynamic today days, Fort of knowledge is inspiring environment where will take place the traditional popularization events of Palacký University, but also the specialized conferences.

During the visit, we were especially interested in enormous  models of the brain and eyes (attached photo gallery), where visitors can peek inside the processes that take place there when people have diseases and disorders of these organs. Is was stunning to see the discharges in the brain in inducing a state of strokes and inside the eye you can see the world with the sight of a man who is suffering at some disease of the eye. You could also look at the interesting historical comics that worked as a coulisse of historically clothed figures for the period. Science is amazing and discovering the world is fun. And this is certainly the intention of the Head of the Program at the Centre Jakub Ráliš.

Displays of Fort of knowledge: Science in the fort, Viva Aqua, Intellect in Hands, Light and Darkness, Scientific Work-room

Planned activities: programs for primary and secondary schools, Children's University, Academia Film Olomouc (AFO), Fair of research and development, summer science camps, Researchers' Night, the Night at Museums.

A view on the opening of the Fort of knowledge by our colleague you can find in the attached photo gallery.

Source: Pevnost poznání.cz

 Photo gallery: Ján Michálik, SCSTI SR

 Photo: Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkin source: Fort of knowledge

 Published by: Mária Izakovičová

Translated by: LŠ

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