Prizegiving of Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014

12. 05. 2015

Vedec roka SR 2014 logoBratislava, 12. 5. 2015 

The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Union of Slovak Scientific and the Technological Societies has organized the 18th anniversary of the competition of significant Slovak scientists, technologists and young researchers - called the Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014. This year's competition was held under the patronage of the President SR Andrej Kiska.

Vedec roka SR 2014 slávnostné oceňovanie

Guests at the ceremony of prizegiving competition the Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014

Award Ceremony of the competition took place on 12. 5. 2015 at 10.00 am in the Concert Hall of the Slovak Radio in Bratislava. The award ceremony was attended by President of SR Andrej Kiska, State Secretary of The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR Romana Kanovská, managing director of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR prof. RNDr. Ján Turňa, CSc., Chairman of the Slovak Academy of Sciences prof. RNDr. Pavol Šajgalík,  DrSc., and president of ZSVTS prof. Ing. Dušan Petráš, PhD., EUR ING. the deputy chairman of SAS RNDr. Eva Majková, DrSc. has introduced the evaluation commission.

Prezident SR Andrej Kiska vystúpil s prejavomThe introductory speech was presented by the President of SR Andrej Kiska. Among other, he said: "It is important to point out exceptional results, highlight the importance that for our progress and the success of our country have world-class scientists, such as today´s scientists awarded in the field of science and technology. It is the creative work of you, awarded scientists and your colleagues, that supplies society in Slovakia with knowledge and gives her the opportunity to grow. Without quality research would not be good innovative ideas and solutions to our everyday individual concerns, but also for huge and tough social challenges and problems. On the other hand, this necessity to remember how important for us are our top scientists and researchers also suggest that our state and our society often forget about this." Further he remarked: "I meet with scientists, I listen to your opinions and suggestions and as president, I often highlights the problems that our country must to solve in this field, for example, wiser and better funding of science and research from public resources, support of private investment in innovations, better integration between research and practice, a functioning legal framework to protect intellectual property, not to mention the quality education of our children. These are challenges that we must face up, not five, ten years later, but today."

The President SR pointed out at the end of his speech: "Slovakia needs success stories such as yours. We need your determination not to be satisfied with what is, with what we have, with what we know  and what we can do nowadays, we need your job to ask the tough questions and honestly look for truth, although there are often complicated answers, We need your willingness to argue, prove to separate truth from falsehood and the ability to use the most important thing we have in Slovakia - human creativity, skill and inventiveness." He thanked to the awarded and he wished them success in work.

Vedec roka SR 2014 ocenení vedci

Awarded scientists, left to right: Ľubomír Švorc, Pavol Miškovský, Lucia Kučerová, Fedor Gömöry, Sergej Hloch  (Photo by: SCSTI SR)

Awarded scientists for the year 2014:

In category Male Slovak Scientist of the Year

doc. Ing. Fedor Gömöry, DrSc. 
Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences

For the research leading to new knowledge about the behavior of composite superconductor / ferromagnet in DC and AC magnetic fields.

Doc. Ing. Fedor Gömöry, DrSc. Laudatio: Doc. Ing. Fedor Gömöry, DrSc. is the leader of collective team that explores the possibilities of using progressive materials with zero electrical resistance, so-called superconductors in electrical engineering. Thanks to the inventiveness and comprehensive approach, which includes a wide range of activities from examination of physical properties of materials through theoretical methods of calculating their interaction with the electromagnetic field and the development of special experimental methodologies to the design and testing of a laboratory model of electrical machinery, the results of his team have international fame. By combination of superconductive and magnetic material can be formed composites with interesting electromagnetic properties. Doc. Gömöry is credited with the development of methods of numerical modeling of the behavior of these composites and his team successfully applied gained theoretical knowledge mainly in two fields, in forecast of heating in alternating current transmission in superconducting tapes with a magnetic pad and in construction of magnetic invisibility cover. The research results were presented by doc. Gömöry in major specialized scientific publications.

In category Female Slovak Scientist of the Year

Mgr. Lucia Kučerová, PhD. 
Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences

For the results of the study of the properties of cancer stem cells and cell therapy of aggressive metastatic human tumors.

Mgr. Lucia Kučerová, PhD. Laudatio: Mgr. Lucia Kučerová, PhD. is the leader of a team of scientists, which focuses on the study of the biology of the tumor cell, interactive signaling between tumor cells, stroma and mesenchymal stem cells in the tumor microenvironment. Scientific topics of projects solve the relationship between chemoresistance and the ability of cells to initiate tumor growth, characteristics of cancer stem cells and the role of activated stromal fibroblasts in the controlling of the progression of malignant disease. In recent years, centroidal outputs were several publications on the use of human mesenchymal stem cells for directed molecular tumor chemotherapy. Thanks to her research, she has came to conclusions that can be considered as highly effective anti-tumor approach for achieving a long-term cure of the certain type of cancer.

In category Personality of the Year in Technology

doc. Ing. Sergej Hloch, PhD.
Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, The Technical University of Košice

For the excellent results achieved within the project of water current technology research and for outstanding contribution to the interdisciplinary international scientific cooperation in the field of progressive manufacturing technologies.

doc. Ing. Sergej Hloch, PhD.Laudatio: Doc. Ing. Sergej Hloch, PhD., despite his relatively young age, is one person of the erudite and highly qualified generation of scientists at universities. He has devoted himself into research in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies, especially water current technology research for more than ten years. Proof of the excellent results of his scientific work in this field are also his awards and honors. Doc. Hloch has an excellent international scientific reputation. He actively collaborates with leading scientists from all over the world, and he actively develops establishing of scientific cooperation. He regularly writes a critiques in reputable scientific journals, some of which he is also a member of editorial boards. He has extraordinary organizational skills with a focus on target with high empathy. In the role of the head of the research group, he is always ready to help younger colleagues. His colleagues respect him as a man with an open mind for new ideas, he is hardworking in discovering new technologies and is an independent scientist who accepts unresolved problems as a challenge rather than a problem.

In category Personality of the Year in EU programs

prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc.
Faculty of Science, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice

For a significant interest in the preparation and coordination of successful EU FP7 project acquired in Slovakia (Fostering excellence in multiscale cell imaging) in the position of principal investigator and a significant interest in the involvement of Slovakia in the pan-European network for biological imaging - EuroBioImaging.

prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc.Laudatio: Prof. RNDr. Pavol Miškovský, DrSc. is an internationally respected expert in the field of biophysics and biophotonics. He is also the founder and long-time Head of Department of Biophysics, as well as the newly established the Centre of Interdisciplinary Bioscience, Faculty of Science, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, he is the guarantor of master and doctoral studies in biophysics and he is also a chairman of the Slovak Commission of awarding of DrSC. degrees in the mentioned field. He has gained these precious experiences in managing and in coordination of international projects. As a lecturer of 19 graduated PhD. students, notable coordinator of international bilateral projects, and the author of over 110 publications and several articles, he has become a world-known personality of the scientific events.

In category Young Personality of Science

doc. Ing. Ľubomír Švorc, PhD.
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

For large scientific research and publication activity in the field of electrical characterization of biologically active substances and the use of new electrode materials in clinical, environmental and food trace analysis.

doc. Ing. Ľubomír Švorc, PhD.Laudatio: Doc. Ing. Ľubomír Švorc, PhD. belongs to an extremely active workers in the field of scientific research activities, namely by an extended methodology and problem details, as well as by the quantity and quality of publications and results. The focus of his research activities was the development of new, rapid and sensitive electro analytical methods for the determination of analytes at trace concentration level in food, clinical and environmental samples. The scientific research activity of Ing. Švorc is proactively associated with education of students in the bachelor projects, semester and diploma works, which was reflected in their achievements and their placement at the student scientific events. Scientific activity is also documented by his publishing activity, as well as by resolution of several programs to support researchers at SUT. He is an investigator of several projects, in which he was engaged in the study of crystal and molecular structure of active substances. The results of his works are truly admirable because of its significance and quality.

Prezident SR A. Kiska blahoželá vedcovi roka F. Gömörymu (vľavo)

President of SR Andrej Kiska congratulates to the Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014 Fedor Gömöry (left)

Companies SVOP, Datalan, and Bayer, the partners of this event, were also the guests of this Award Ceremony. Media partners of the Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014 were RTVS, Quark, Parlamentný kuriér,, Televízia Z,, TASR a VAT – magazine about science and technology. We expressed a great gratitude to all partners for their support of this event.

The design of this year's Award Ceremony was projected by talented student Jakub Masár, from the Institute of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

The event was moderated by PhDr. Igor Haraj, PhD. The actress and singer Barbora Švidraňová together with pianist Lukáš Cintula performed in this program.

You can find all information about the event the Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014 at - section Slovak Scientist of the Year 2014.

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