Science in the CENTRE: Materials thin such as atom

15. 05. 2015

We invite you to the Science Café called the Science in the CENTRE, that the National Centre for Popularisation of Science and Technology in Society a department of SCSTI SR organizes for the general public in the premises of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR (SCSTI SR) in Bratislava regularly once a month.

prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Fabián, PhD.On Thursday, 28th May 2015 at 05.00 PM will come into the Science Café an eminent Slovak scientist, quantum physicist, one of the most successful Slovak physicists abroad and world-renowned expert on spintronics prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Fabián, PhD., from the University Regensburg in Germany. The field of his scientific interest is the most progressive area of physic of solid substances, in which he is also interested in the theoretical research of the new revolutionary two-dimensional materials and their potential applications in electronics, optics and spintronics.

Materials thin such as atom  (or how a tape caused a revolution in physics) is the title of the May Science Café, which theme will be new two-dimensional materials with unique and extraordinary properties and their the potential to induce technological revolution in several sectors.

Prof. Fabián will explain, what two-dimensional material is and how it was discovered by physic. He will introduce a range of two-dimensional materials, some of which are metals, some of which are semi-conductors and the others even more superconductors. However, the "king" among them unambiguously remains graphene, a material made of only a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in hexagons. What is the future and an applications of this extraordinary material? The greatest potential for electronics have two-dimensional semi-conductors, which could replace silicium, as the material of an information age, and to create a basis for new two-dimensional electronic with atom-thin diodes, transistors and integrated circuits.

Great hopes are also placed in two-dimensional solar cells, or in flexible ultra-thin and energy-efficient displays for mobile phones and laptops. All this is just a vision of the future. While the two-dimensional revolution in physics is in progress, we can only guess whether and when will arrive a subsequent revolution in industrial electronic or optic. How many physical discoveries on this extraordinary material are still waiting for physicists around the world, while it will be used with a mass of people in practice?

If you want to learn more, you can join the discussion in an informal and friendly atmosphere with a coffee. The Science Café called The Science in the CENTRE takes place in the premises of the SCSTI SR at Lamačská cesta 8/A, Patrónka, in Bratislava. Admission to the event is free to the public.

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Translated by: LŠ

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