Slovak Academy of Sciences chairman Pavol Šajgalík visiting President

09. 06. 2015

Prezident Andrej Kiska  prijal predsedu SAV Pavla ŠajgalíkaPresident Andrej Kiska welcomed the chairman of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Pavol Šajgalík in the Presidential Palace. They discussed the reform process under way at the Slovak Academy of Sciences as well as the new strategy SAS 2020, which shall enhance dynamics and efficiency of this scientific institution.

Chairman of the Slovak Academy of Sciences informed President about the potential risks of delaying these reforms, which could cause problems with drawing EU funds. President Andrej Kiska stressed that „Science and research are indeed an absolute priority that our country needs and I believe that solutions can be found so that the Slovak Academy of Sciences can become a modern scientific institution, which can be put into effect in this world.“ According to him, Slovakia cannot become world-known without top science and top research.

In connection with the upcoming legislative act on public research institutions, the SAS chairman emphasized the need to resolve problems at the negotiating table. Šajgalík said that „In order for the legislative act to get to the government and entered into force as soon as possible. Slovak Academy of Sciences is ready for it.“


Press release  – Office of the President

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