European Researchers' Night 2015 in the Old Market Hall in Bratislava

25. 09. 2015

Noc výskumníkov 2015Also this year, the last Friday of the month on 25.09.2015, the 9th annual of the European Researchers' Night has taken place in the Old Market Hall in Bratislava. The main theme of this year' event was the motto Science is the future of Slovakia discussed by Slovak scientists and experts in connection with themes such as transport, industry, work, communication, health and medicine, safe food, environment and human future.

The rich program in Bratislava took place in the Old Market Hall, in the Natural History Museum SNM, but also in V-club. The festival program was full of interactive exhibits in scientific kiosks, experiments, lectures and discussions with well-known Slovak scientists.

SCIENCE IS THE FUTURE OF SLOVAKIA, this motto was the main theme of the festival. Scientific research is a major driving force for all sectors of the economy and everyday life, without which the prosperity can´t increase nor the quality of life in our country can´t improve. Using science and its results, the festival tried to bring closer the image of Slovakia in the near future. This happened thanks to interesting and visually attractive composed discussions with reputable experts from science and practice.

To the public were presented the priorities of current research and development and work of scientists, which solves actual needs and burning issues of society.

The image of the future of Slovakia composed reputable Slovak experts from universities together with experts from research institutes and practice, whose debates were devoted to seven areas of social development (transport, industry and work, communication, health and medicine, safe food, environment and human future), which visitors could watch on the main stage in the Old Market Hall live introduced by Vlado Voštinár.

70 scientific kiosks were prepared in the Old Market Hall since 9 am. They presented various areas of Slovak science. The last Friday of September is also a Heart Day in Slovakia and within this you could be a part of the oversize inflatable model of hart and many people tried to walk through the mysterious world of atriums of heart and hallways. Scientists measured your ECG displayed in real time on a mobile phone or tablet.

nafukovacie srdceIn the kiosks, you could look into the mysteries of genetics, but also into the world of natural sciences and microbes. You could also learn something new about the  current and historical Slovak language.

The International Year of Light represented photonics, which includes technologies that form one of the pillars of modern science with many application in everyday life. At this year´s Researchers´ Night You could find out on which principles works modern light sources ( LED, laser) and how light can also be used for exploration of objects and processes that are normally imperceptible. Many visitors got also answers to common questions: how we can deal with diabetes and obesity, what can cause  climate change, on which ethical issues will crash the development and how people, their psychic or maybe physiognomy will respond to all changes.

At the event you could find out if you blink enough, you could measure the acupuncture point and many people revealed the method of weighting the Earth.

Cultural revival brought to the Old market Hall the performance of band Billy Barman  and visitors could also watch the night laser show and 3D mapping on the front side of  the Old Market Hall.

Festival of science - European Researchers' Night 2015 was organized by the Slovak Organization for Research and Development activities (SOVVA) in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of SR (SCSTI SR) and portal

The event was held under the auspice of Peter Pellegrini, the president of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Juraj Draxler, the minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR, Ivo Nesrovnal, the mayor of the capital city of SR Bratislava, Pavol Frešo, the president of Bratislava Self-Governing Region and other deputies of organizers and partners of the event.

Noc výskumníkov 2015

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Source: Researchers' Night 2015

Published by: M. Izakovičová
Photo by: Bibiana Kubašková, Alena Oravcová

Translated by: LŠ

Researchers´night 2015 in Slovakia