The Comenius University has started 97th academic year today

21. 09. 2015

Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave_logoPress release, Bratislava, 21st September 2015: The Comenius University in Bratislava (CU) has inaugurated 97th academic year today. The event, in addition to representatives of university, faculties and departments of CU, visited also the minister of the ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of SR Juraj Draxler, MA.

Rector of CU welcomed students of first academic year in the new academic year. "Although registrations into first academic year are still ongoing, we register about 26 000 registered students, of which 22 000 students are in the scheme of full.-time study, including the nearly 8 000 first graduates. Thus, a similar number as a year ago. We currently offer 780 study programs, several of them in foreign languages," specified prof. K. Mičieta, the rector of CU.

Foreign students are traditionally interested in the study at the Comenius University - especially at medical faculties. "Every fourth foreign student in Slovakia study at our University and foreign students at the Comenius University make up 10 percent of our students. We consider an internationalization of study and education, with an increasing number of study programs in English, as key element for the future of our university." said rector of CU.

In the ceremonial speech also resonated results of complex accreditation which confirmed that the Comenius University is one of the best universities in Slovakia and it has defended its position as university high school.

Rector of CU also mentioned the current nation-wide theme: "Comenius University also participate on the program that helps students from crisis areas. We want to contribute to the cultivation of social debate on the issue of migrants from Africa and the Middle East in the Slovak society, in the search for effective solution and its cultural character. Slovakia is not the final destination for majority of people. However, in the case of interest in addition to the above mentioned study options, the necessary of English skills and compliance of the university claims level and legislative criteria, we also offer other possibilities of their integration into Slovak society. For example, through the use if multi-cultural experience and the human rights activities of our departments UNESCO. But also through the familiarization with Slovak history, culture and Slovak real. And, of course, we can also offer our experienced language teachers to teach the Slovak language."

"Comenius University enters into the new academic year with a nearly hundred-year tradition. During this period you have raised thousands of successful educated people who contributed to the development of our country, its economic growth, but also cultural and social expansion. I believe and I know that you will successfully continue in this tradition in the future," said minister Juraj Draxler at this ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the new academic year was held in the renovated AULA of CU. Because of the leaks the reconstruction of the roof has been realized here from the end of March to the end of July 2015, and it was fully paid from the state budget as a capital expense. In Aula was replaced the carpet and following the instruction of the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic were also restored historical tables and chairs,

Teaching in the winter semester which began at the CU today, will last until 18the December 2015. Examination period will last until 12nd February 2016. Summer semester starts 15th February 2016 and the teaching will last until 20th May 2016.

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